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GroWNC Workgroups

All consortium members will self-select into one of several Workgroups, organized around the topic areas listed below. Workgroups will focus on the specific topic areas and will form smaller cross-sector subgroups (with representation across multiple Workgroups) as needed to complete various tasks and ensure that deeper analysis cuts across various topic areas. Collaboration amongst Workgroup members, and across workgroups, will be a critical element of the project. We anticipate that the Workgroups will evolve over the course of the project. The study areas around which the Workgroups are organizing initially are meant to be starting points to provide a framework for formation of the groups. It is possible that Workgroups will combine or otherwise shift their focus as the project progresses.

Workgroup Topic Areas

Additional Workgroups

  • Communications and Outreach
  • Federal and State Partners

Workgroup Tasks
The Workgroups will assist the Project Team and Steering Committee in a variety of ways, including:

  • assist with recruitment of other pertinent organizations to Consortium and Workgroups
  • participate in nominations to the GroWNC Steering Committee (see Steering Committee page for more information on this process)
  • form partnerships
  • assist with review of existing plans and data
  • identify opportunities and challenges
  • develop strategies
  • assist with public involvement
  • assist with further development of additional workgroup tasks
  • look for ways to implement projects identified in the planning process

The Project Team will meet with the Workgroups at three distinct phases of the project, in focused, facilitated work sessions.  Ongoing assignments and communications will be delivered throughout the process via email.

Round 1 Workgroup Meetings will take place prior to Reality Check #1 and include work sessions that will synthesize information presented by the Project Team.  The Workgroups will be asked to identify the issues and opportunities that will further define regional goals and values.

Round 2 Workgroup Meetings will focus on generating alternatives and will be in response to the results generated at Reality Check #1.  

Round 3 Workgroup Meetings will focus on Policy Framework & Implementation Strategy Formulation. 

Timeline / Meetings
Workgroups will meet several times throughout the course of the project. There will be an organizational meeting for all Workgroups in January 19, 2012, with several meetings immediately following. Reality Check #1 will be held in spring 2012, and the workgroups will convene again after the first Reality Check to review the input received. They will also play a role in review of the final draft plan towards the end of the project.
Workgroup meetings are always open to the public. Minutes from workgroup meetings will be posted on each Workgroup’s page.