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GroWNC Regional Plan (26 MB) and Executive Summary

GroWNC Summary Brochure

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Final Report

4 Scenarios Flipbook

New Maps Section

The GroWNC Value Added Food Products Analysis is featured in the current issue of The Laurel of Asheville

Existing Conditions Executive Summary Report

Economic Development Handout

Preliminary Update on Outreach Activities is available here.

A preliminary report on the feedback received at the Community Meetings is available here.

The Business Survey Summary is now available here.

Opportunities for WNC Food Entrepreneurs - Executive Summary
An Assessment of Market Potential of Select Value - Added Food Products for Western North Carolina - Full Report

Summary of Public Involvement – Small Group Meetings and Surveys (Summer-Fall 2012)

Reconnecting America has compiled a Federal Funding Matrix, which provides a listing of possible funding sources for creating sustainable communities. The Funding Matrix displays funding opportunities for states, cities, local governments and organizations, among others, for planning, implementation, site acquisition, business development, development financing, and other eligible uses.

GroWNC Presentation on Workgroup Composition Assessment

GroWNC Process Chart

The Workgroup Launch meeting was held on Thursday, January 19, 2012.
GroWNC Workgroup Launch Presentation

GroWNC was announced at Land-of-Sky Regional Council's Board Meeting on December 7, 2011. Below is the PowerPoint Presentation.
GroWNC PowerPoint Presentation

Abstract of the Project Workplan

Workplan Narrative

Project Schedule

Detailed Task Chart

Consortium Agreement