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Public Involvement Archive

In this section, GroWNC has combined all of the public involvement from the beginning of the project. If you have any questions regarding any of the information below, please contact

Community Meetings - GroWNC held a series of community meetings where residents of the region were asked about their goals for the future of our community and identified strategies, actions and early implementation projects that was brought forward for final recommendation to the Steering Committee, LOS Board, and participating member governments and organizations.  

Virtual Meetings - GroWNC is about creating our future, together! This regional planning effort began over a year ago, with the goal of identifying solutions and ideas to address economic development and job creation, natural and cultural resources, housing, transportation, land use, energy, and health.With the communities help, GroWNC is very close to doing just that. As part of our final round of community meetings, GroWNC collected the communities input and ideas through a Virtual Meeting that included a video, a flip book and a survey.

Events - Over the course of the GroWNC project, many different events occured. This includeds:

  • Steering Committee Meetings
  • Theme Meetings
  • Workgroup Worksessions
  • Community Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Scenario Planning Workshop

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